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The Woodlake Veterinary Hospital team

Our staff of experienced and expert veterinarian doctors and skilled vet staff is ready when your pet needs us. Call or contact us today to learn more.

Kay Harkema - Hospital Manager

I have worked at Woodlake Veterinary Hospital since 1985. I started while I was attending school to become a Certified Veterinary Technician. I have worked in many roles in the clinic and now serve as the office manager. I love working with the animals and getting to know them and their owners. I live in the area with my husband and three boys.

I have many pets of my own; one dog, "Dusty" a Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retriever; four cats named, "Oriole", "Cinco", "Sapphire" and "Diamond". My other hobbies include gardening, knitting, and crocheting.

Heather Harvet - CVT

I graduated from the Medical Institute of Minnesota in December of 1993. I did my internship at Woodlake and they hired me as a full time technician. My favorite part of my career is ensuring a strong life long human/animal bond and teaching pet owners how they can relate to their pets.

I have two teenage daughters, and they are amazing ladies. I also have four pets, three Cornish Rex cats and one talkative Siamese. When I'm not at work I enjoy quilting, cooking for my family and spending time with my cats.

Liz Weaver - CVT

I graduated from Argosy University in 2011 and started working here in 2012. As an only child, I've always had many animals in my life, including horses, dogs, cats, rabbits and chickens.I currently live with my Papillion “Haley” who I enjoy training and competing with in agility, my Sheltie “Brandon”, who is just learning the ins- and outs of agility and my cat “Isabelle”. I enjoy working with a great team in providing the best care to our patients and getting to know their human families.

Jess Green - CVT

I graduated from Argosy in the fall of 2013. I did my internship at Woodlake Veterinary Hospital and then was hired as a full time technician.

I currently have 4 dogs; "Harley" (Jack Russell Terrier), "Lucy" (puggle), "Gilly" (Plott Hound), and "Junior" (Treeing Walker/Redbone Coonhound). I enjoy fishing, riding dirt bikes, and photography in my spare time. I am looking forward to our first 2-legged human baby adventure coming this winter!

Angie Schuch - CVT

I grew up in St. Paul, MN and earned a certified veterinary technician degree from MSB Globe University. I have 25 years experience in customer service, 15 years experience working at a busy animal shelter and 10 years experience as a full time veterinary technician. I am a mom to twins, Joshua and Sophia, and pet parent to 4 cats, 1 dog, 1 dwarf rabbit, 1 ferret, and lots of fish. I am also involved in fostering kittens through Angel of Hope Animal Rescue.

Rachel Nicolai - Veterinary Technician Assistant

I am currently attending Argosy University to become a certified veterinary technician. Working at Woodlake has given me tons of experience and I'm very excited for my future! I have two, very needy, cats at home and I also foster dogs through Corner of Kindness.

Jamie Fagely - Student

I am currently attending the University of Minnesota for a degree in Animal Science, and hope to attend veterinary school at the UMN when I graduate. I have two cats named Winston and Louis. I love working at Woodlake and getting to know all the clients and pets!

Jessica Flores - Student/Kennel Assistant

Jessica Flores – Student/Kennel Assistant I recently started working at Woodlake in November of 2015. I am currently finishing up schooling at Argosy University to become a Veterinary Technician. I have been in the National Guard since 2011. I have a cat named, “Bella” and two dogs named “Chiquto” the poodle and “Chaparro”, the Chihuahua. I enjoy playing soccer and watching football in my spare time.

Karen Anderson - Support Staff

I have worked at Woodlake Veterinary Hospital since 1998. My favorite part of the job is helping clients and their animals stay happy and healthy.

My hobbies include owning and operating Avian Suites, a one-of-a-kind specialized parrot boarding facility, bird watching, music, reading, and photography.

I have one dog named "Daphne"; five cats: "Grimalkin", "Cloecatra", "Thorvald", "Lars-Olaf", and "Lena"; and six parrots: "Alex", "Bijon", "Earl the Girl", "Gabby" and "Petri".

Merilee Hemerding - Client Service Representative

I have been at working Woodlake on and off for almost 8 years. I graduated with a B.A. in Biology in 2006 and came to work at Woodlake the following fall. I grew up with numerous types of pets, but currently do not own any of my own. I have my own small pet sitting business so most of my free time is spent taking care of dogs and cats!! My favorite part of clinic life is the relationships that are built with the clients and their pets. It is always nice to see familiar faces!

Ashley Rank - Client Service Representative

Hello! I started working at Woodlake Veterinary Hospital in March of 2017. I went to school at the University of Minnesota, and received my bachelor's degree in Animal Science with an emphasis in pre-veterinary medicine. I have 4 cats at home. One of my kitties, Shea, is a Maine Coon mix that my husband and I adopted from the Humane Society in Saint Paul. My other kitty, Reily, is a Cymric (long haired Manx) who we adopted from the Golden Valley humane society. We also have two domestic short hair "surprise" kitties. We call them surprise kitties because we took them in as strays from our backyard. Stilletti is a tuxedo and his brother Garrity is a brown ticked tabby. They are named after the TV show Rescue me, as my husband is a firefighter.

I grew up with many different types of animals including dogs, turtles, a rabbit, a bird, hermit crabs, a guinea pig, multiple fish, hamsters and gerbils. I love sports and enjoy many hobbies including, running, knitting and drinking tea, to name a few. I also like to spend my spare time with my family and friends, I currently have 6 nieces! My husband and I are expecting our first little one in December 2017.

As a receptionist here at Woodlake Veterinary Hospital I'm here if you ever need a hug when you lose your best friend. I have experienced those days many times. Last year I lost my best friend Candy; a 16 year old husky/yellow lab/chow chow mix. Please don't be scared to ever ask questions. I am here to help and will do my best to find you the answer. I hope you have a wonderful day and I can't wait to meet you or chat with you on the phone!

Gus the Clinic Cat

I am the best greeter at Woodlake Veterinary Hospital that you have ever seen! I have been here since March 2012, I came in as a stray and decided to stay for life. If you haven't met me you should know that I am the boss at this clinic, everyone is wrapped around my little paw, I even get my own Facebook page. If you stop in I'm always here to say Hello.